Query Kombat Agent Round 8: THE HALF-ORPHAN’S HANDBOOK, YA Contemporary

Title: Dead Parents Camp Entry Nickname: The Half-Orphan’s Handbook Word count: 62K Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Query: After her father’s suicide, Lila Cunningham writes a two-rule handbook to protect herself from experiencing any more pain. One: Love no one. Two: Avoid liars like her dad. Lila’s solution: barricade herself from all relationships – romantic, friendly, or otherwise. […]

Query Kombat Agent Round 9: DELICIOUS VICIOUS CYCLES, YA Contemporary (Own voices)

Title: VERA WITH A VENGEANCE Entry Nickname: Delicious Vicious Cycles Word count: 74K Genre: YA Contemporary, Own Voices Query:  17-year-old entrepreneur Vera Davis starts a business to sell revenge in VERA WITH A VENGEANCE, a 74,000-word young adult contemporary novel. Vera and I are both Jewish and sexual assault survivors.  When a car accident paralyzes Vera’s college […]

Query Kombat Agent Round 10: MARS BARS AND SNICKERS, YA Space Opera (Own voices)

Title: Red Letter Law Entry Nickname: Mars Bars and Snickers Word Count: 68k Genre: YA Space Opera #ownvoices Query: On Mars in 2038, people are selling other people. Those who run this trade call it indentured servitude, but fifteen-year-old Lonnie Freeman doesn’t buy it. When her mom and stepdad lose a Mars-ton of money, they […]

Query Kombat Agent Round 11: THIS SELKIE CAN’T SWIM, YA Contemporary Fantasy

Title: IN HER OWN SKIN Entry Nickname: This Selkie Can’t Swim Word count: 70K Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy Query: At sixteen, Emily is an extraordinarily fast varsity swimmer, until one day the chlorine burns like acid and she nearly drowns. Unable to swim in the pool again and hearing voices calling her into the ocean, a long-submerged memory floats […]

Query Kombat Agent Round 12: NOWHERE LAND, YA Historical (Own Voices)

Title:  FOLLOW THE SUN Entry Title:  Nowhere Land Word Count:  78,000 Genre:  #ownvoices historical YA (MC is biracial w/ black father, white mother)  Query:  In 1969, Rett syndrome is unheard of. But come hell or high water, Jackie is determined to discover the reason why her four-year-old sister, Evie, suddenly lost the ability to speak and control her hands.  […]

Query Kombat Agent Round 13: BUST THE BUBBLE WRAP, MG Contemporary (Own Voices)

Title: Super WeenieEntry Name: Bust the Bubble WrapWord Count: 48,000Genre:  MG Contemporary; OwnVoices (Allergy/Anaphylaxis) Query:Eleven-year-old SAFFRON LEWIS wants to be a regular kid, but her life-threatening food allergies, medical alert bracelet and ever-present EpiPen make her feel like a weirdo.  The nickname assigned by her older brother when she was two years old isn’t helping matters. She swallowed one bite of nutty Halloween candy, turned the […]

Query Kombat Agent Round 14: BE GRATEFUL FOR COOKIES, MG Contemporary

Title: Plus-Size Entry Nickname: Be Grateful For Cookies Word Count: 40,000 Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary  Query: Thirteen-year-old Lizzie will do almost anything for a cookie. Sadly, her mother banned them from her life months ago, replacing sweets with tasteless foods and a gym membership. Her mom claims it’s for her own good, even though her skinny sister can still […]

QK Round 1 Winners

Well, Round 1 of this crazy contest officially ended Monday night. We promised blood, and blood there was. Also tears, nail-biting, and some hair-pulling. Congratulations to all of you who fought hard and came out victorious. Please have your revised entries to us by Tuesday, June 6th at 8 am EDT. Use the same format […]

Query Kombat 2017 starts now! May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

Get that thick skin in place because here we go! Round 1 Hop on over to Mike’s and Michelle’s blogs to see the rest of the match-ups and entries! They are spread all over the place. Some here, some there. We’ve got a little bit of everything: Adult/NA, YA, and MG! This round lasts until June 5th at 8 […]


Title: A Child’s Last Hope Entry Nickname: Child and Family Services Word Count: 71K Genre: Adult Crime/Psychological Thriller Query: Altruistic social worker, Ethan Harper, navigates atrocities on a daily basis working for Child and Family Services in Citrus County (CFS), California. Children subjected to physical abuse, neglect, and exploitation are tragic common occurrences that Ethan […]


Title: The End of the World as We Know it Entry Nickname: The Nose Knows Word Count: 69k Genre: Adult contemporary fantasy. Ownvoice–Latino (two of the multiple POVs) Query: Eddie Nezevitch has a unique gift—just like everyone else. Though his power ranks low and poses no danger, it is why he’s the best homicide detective […]


Title: Dangerous Beasts Entry nickname: Bounty and the Beast Word count: 89,000 Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance  Query: Exiled Charmer Leena Edenfrell is in deep shit. Wanted by the Charmers Council for selling rare and endangered creatures on the black market for profit, they’ve hired an assassin to kill her. With the realm’s most talented murderer for hire nipping […]