Writer’s Envy

I’m not talking about when someone else lands an agent before you or gets a six-figure deal (although it would be perfectly natural to be a little jealous in those situations). This post is about jealousy when your friends all get to write and you don’t. I’m about neck-deep in edits right now. I’m editing […]

Nightmare on Query Street

I said it was coming, right? Anyway, Nightmare on Query Street is a contest to help writers and agents find each other. There are currently seven agents signed up, with more to come. 1. Contests are loads of fun. Seriously, I can’t talk up contests enough. Contests are like an amazing dance party for introverts […]

After the Call, Part 2

(continued from After the Call, Part 1) So, at the end of my last post, I had two offers, 5 agents reading, and a few days to make a decision. But I was torn, because I knew I’d choose Agent2 even if the other 5 all came back and loved it. I wondered if I […]

After the Call, Part 1

We’ve talked about Getting the Call. What happens next? (I mean, after all the jumping up and down and screaming and dancing and acting like a maniac.) Well, there’s a lot of stuff that has to happen in the week between getting The Call and giving your financial decision. When Agent1 offered, I had one […]

My Querying Stats

Many people saw my Getting the Call story when it was initially published after Query Kombat. (If you didn’t, go read. It’s OK. I’ll wait.) Here are my final numbers. Queries Sent: 67 Fulls Requested: 14 Full Requests Due to Offer Nudge: 2 (included above) Partials Requested: 3 Contest Requests: 10 (not included in partials) Form Rejection/No Response: 33 Personalized […]

Hey, look, I finally set up a website!

No, really, I did. And once I get the format figured out, I’ll post some real content. Meanwhile, have you heard of Nightmare on Query Street? It’s an awesome writing contest, coming soon.