Reality Star Series

America's Next Reality Star

Is it real love or all part of the game?

Life after college isn’t as seen on TV: Jen’s low-paying job is uninspiring, her boyfriend won’t commit, and she just got evicted. The most exercise she gets comes from dodging debt collectors. Then she sees an ad seeking competitors for a new reality show with a $250,000 prize. She desperately needs money and the lottery isn’t looking good, so she applies, never expecting to get the call.

Until she does.

With nothing to lose, Jen packs a bag and heads for the Hollywood hills to star in The Fishbowl. Most of the contestants want to create drama to gain viewer votes, but Jen is all about the joy of the game. Unfortunately, she becomes embroiled in a love triangle and battling another woman for the attention of a fellow contestant. It’s a tricky balancing act to hold onto viewers without lying, cheating, or backstabbing—things that don’t bother her opponents. When Jen discovers that she’s on the verge of elimination, she must decide whether “winning” means sacrificing the money, love, or her sense of self.


Sweet Reality


Life after TV is looking up: Jen moved to Florida and her themed bakery is prepared to open with a bang. Then a major competitor threatens to put Sweet Reality out of business before they sell their first goodies. She’s going to need a smash hit to keep the store afloat.

Then she has a brilliant idea: Jen joins a filmed cruise to convince fellow reality star Tammy Rae to give her the secret recipe for her baking-show-winning cupcakes. Problem is, Tammy Rae watched Jen on The Fishbowl, and she thinks Jen faked her relationship with Justin to trick the viewers. To get the key ingredient, Jen must convince Tammy Rae that their love is real—-right when the Network puts it to the ultimate test.

Saving the bakery means nothing if Jen loses Justin. She must find a way to remain true to herself, protect her relationship from her arch-nemesis, and save the bakery-all within the confines of a one-week cruise. Because once the ship docks back in Miami, she’s sunk.


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Reaility Wedding


Life as reality royalty rocks: Jen’s bakery is booming, Justin’s got his dream job, and they’re saving for a wedding. Then the producers call with an offer Jen can’t refuse: hold the wedding on national TV, or they’ll make sure Justin loses his job.


Oh, well. It’s just a few weeks, and the wedding will be paid, so how bad could it be?


Dumb question.


The producers don’t want a show about love, they want ratings and drama. From a wedding “dress” made of body paint to vegan cake, they’ve chucked Jen’s wishes out the window. Worse, Justin’s stuck in Florida, and the producers want the show to go on without him. Walking away from the show means a $100,000 penalty. If she can’t find a way to make her own ratings smash, Jen & Justin’s Big Day may turn into Jen’s Financial Fiasco.


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