The Liebster Award: 10 Question Blog Hop

So, just as I was sitting here, wracking my brain for something to write about, the amazing and talented Mary Ann Nicholson tagged me in the Liebster Award blog hop. Yes! Inspiration! (No, I don’t know what the Liebster Award is, but that’s OK). She asks some tough questions, though. I’m not even sure how […]

Picking a Path

Now, I talk about traditional publishing, because that’s the path I’m following for my manuscript, but let’s take a step back for a minute. How do you decide whether to go with traditional publishing, self-publishing, or some hybrid? (I happily lucked into an agency that does work with authors to do hybrid publishing, which is […]

(Don’t) Choose Your Own Genre

The past couple of months, I’ve helped with a couple of contests. All three of my critique partners were featured in PitchWars, so I also read a lot of contest entries as an observer/spectator. My guess is that I read probably about 400 entries between all the contests. Why do I mention this? Just to […]

First Page Blog Hop

The amazing Michelle Hauck is doing something awesome – for querying and agented writers. It’s a first page blog hop! So, go ahead and review Michelle’s blog for instructions, post the first 250 words, and post a link on your blog. Then start critiquing! Here’s mine: Genre: Women’s Fiction First 250 When I was eight […]

How to Tame a Manuscript

Some writing projects come easily. My first manuscript poured out of me. There were a few plot points I had to mull over for a few hours, or sometimes overnight, but I always knew what to write next until I hit somewhere around 65k words. Plot issues never stumped me for more than a day […]

Rock the Vote!

No, this post isn’t about writing. It’s okay, you can read it anyway. As you may or may not be aware (but should be), there is an election coming up tomorrow. No, it’s not a Presidential election. No, that doesn’t mean it’s not important. If you are over the age of 18, eligible to vote […]

NaNooooh….crap, it’s November?

If you’re a writer who knows how to use the internet (and odds are you are), you’ve probably heard of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. I like to call it “Holy shit, it’s November already?” For anyone who doesn’t know, basically, the point of NaNo is to put down 50,000 words on the page […]

How to Write

Step One: Grab a computer/laptop/tablet/cell phone/pen and paper/stone and chisel/stick and patch of sand. Whatever you like. Step Two: Find a position that allows you to use your chosen writing implement(s)/device(s) comfortably. Sit, stand, lie flat, hang upside-down, it doesn’t matter. Step Thee: Write. That’s it. There is no one way to write correctly. Some […]

A Special NoQS Shout-out!

The NoQS entries went up early! Go take a sneak peek! Before the agent round starts, take a minute to check out my amazing mentees’ awesome entries:  And then stop and check out Team #SCSpooks, which I helped create. (It’s OK to check out the other entries on the first two blogs. They’re […]

From the Contest Slush – Query Dos and Don’ts

I spent most of last week reading through slush for Nightmare on Query Street, and I’m also acting as a mentor. While reading about 200 queries, I noticed a few common issues. So, I’ve compiled some query DOs and DON’Ts. DO write your query in the third person, present tense. It doesn’t matter if the […]


 We are excited that today we get to share with you the beautiful cover from Colette Ballard’s upcoming release, “Temporary High”.     TEMPORARY HIGH by Colette Ballard Release Date: May 2015 Publisher: Tulip Romance Genre: Young Adult/Romance/Suspense Temporary High on GOODREADS   The side of his mouth quirked up as he studied me. “I think […]

PitchSlam Wrap-Up

Now that PitchSlam is over, I have some overall observations on contests. If an agent doesn’t request to see more, that is not a rejection. Many agents will say that it’s OK to query them after a contest. For one thing, the submission guidelines may be different. If the agent read a pitch, and you have […]