A Day of Rest

November was a crazy month. I bought a house, finished edits on a MS, sent it to my agent, prayed she wouldn’t hate it, finished a first draft of something new, cheered my friends and CPs on during PitchWars, moved, worked about 75 hours a week, discovered Gilmore Girls on Netflix, negotiated concessions and contracts, learned more than I ever needed to know about washer/dryer shopping, and…. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Please don’t ask me to move for at least three months.

So, December? At least for a couple of days, I’m taking a break (other than unpacking).

  • I’m not editing my finished first draft. I prefer to let it sit anyway, and it’s only been about a week. It can sit longer – a month is best. I rarely make it that long.
  • I’m not pushing myself to start writing something new. The well is dry. Exhaustion saps creativity. Don’t expect me to write anything more taxing than a blog post anytime soon.
  • I’m not decorating for Christmas (yet). It’s not that important.
  • I’m not buying Christmas presents or making plans for the holidays (yet). It can wait a day or two while I collect myself.
  • I’m not obsessively checking my email for news.
What am I doing? Giving myself a break. Maybe I’ll read a book, watch more Gilmore Girls, or do a puzzle. I like puzzles. And I’ve earned some time off. So you have. What do you do to relax? Tell me in the comments.
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