QK Round 1 Winners

Well, Round 1 of this crazy contest officially ended Monday night. We promised blood, and blood there was. Also tears, nail-biting, and some hair-pulling. Congratulations to all of you who fought hard and came out victorious.
Please have your revised entries to us by Tuesday, June 6th at 8 am EDT. Use the same format and send to the contest email: QueryKombat (at) gmail (dot) com.
A full 32 entries out of the 64 lost in a valiant fight – you should have seen us hosts and the judges freak out about how hard it was to choose.
For those 32: Good job. You beat out 300 other entries to make the first round, and you gave the judges a hell of a job. Hopefully you got some amazing feedback as well! 
For the 32 winners, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! YOU GET TO GO ON TO THE AGENT ROUND ON Wednesday morning!!!
Below is the list of those who will go on to the next round. Let me know if we made any mistakes! Team Writer McWriteyFace is in purple.
Three Men and an Actuary
I Fell for a Convicted Felon
From Gutters To Galleries
Asteroid Snacks
Life as a Dumpster Fire
The Barringer Museum
Stands By Until He Doesn’t
The Nose Knows
Bounty and the Beast
Super Powers and Problems
Mother of All Custody Battles
Alternative Facts
The Half-Orphan’s Handbook
Cheshire Loves Alice
Delicious Vicious Cycles
Nowhere Land
Estella + Ayron
This Selkie Can’t Swim
We Kinda Destroyed Paris
Book Boys Gone Wild
Girl of Your Nightmares
Boy Band Ninja Assassins
Hero by Default
Be Grateful for Cookies
Bust the Bubble Wrap
Dogs and Chickens and Dragons, Oh My!
Perfectly Imperfect Princess
Alabama Witch Hunters
Super Space Nerd

CONGRATS!!! I’m thrilled that we had so many entries moving on to Round 2. Of course, we still have….
The Host Saves
These are three entries that we hosts picked from our teams to move on to the agent round but not on to Round 2. The Host Saves can submit a revised entry and will go to the agent round, but not to the second combat round.

I spent a LOT of time trying to decide which entry to save. Even before any votes had come in, I wondered how on earth I was supposed to pick. My personal favorite? The most marketable? Most diverse? Own voices? (How can I know that without everyone sending me bios?) Closest vote? The entry where I most disagreed with the judge’s feedback? The one I thought agents would like the most? ARGH THIS IS SOOOOOO HARD!

At the end of the day, I wish I could save you all. But I wound up having to pick:


Michelle’s host save is SHE’S FAST, HE’S FURIOUS


Congrats everyone!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you all at the agent round!
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