Title: THE WITCH AND THE DEMONGenre: Young Adult High Fantasy (ownvoices)Word Count: 80,000 My MC and MA (main antagonist) are dressed as: Ebba came dressed as a demonic goddess, to thumb her nose at the villagers who falsely accused her consorting with the forces of Hell. Kryptos, the Demonic God of Cowardice, came as himself, because he has […]


Title: THE ROSE VENDETTA Genre: YA Fantasy Word Count: 87,000 My MC and MA (main antagonist) are dressed as: My MC and MA show up dressed as walking flames, glowing robes and all. Adonia hides her anxiety behind the bold colours and fiery mask, but Dante just wants to burn Adonia and her coven to cinders. Query:  In […]

NoQS MG Historical Fantasy: THE HOLLOW WOODS

Title: THE HOLLOW WOODS Genre: Upper MG Dark Historical Fantasy Word Count: 48,000 My MC and MA (main antagonist) are dressed as: Henry would dress to match his father at a Halloween party. Not the side of him draped in tattered clothes that reek of manual labor from working their apple orchard. To him, work’s more important than […]


Title: THE WISHBONE CURSEGenre: Middle Grade Contemporary Fantasy Word Count: 51,000 My MC and MA (main antagonist) are dressed as: Pip’s dressed as The Bride of Frankenstein. She has poliosis, so she’s already got white streaks in her black hair. (She has a pretty self-deprecating sense of humor, so she wouldn’t mind). Daryl would go dressed in his […]


It was a tough decision. There may have been some tears, some begging, some desperate pleas for second reads from the amazing Kara Reynolds. But at the end of the day, we whittled the original 180 or so entries down to one amazing team that I can’t wait to share with you. If you were chosen, […]

Nightmare on Query Street Submission Time!

The submission window opens at 4:00 pm (EST) on October 13th. Don’t send too soon or your entry will be deleted. You may resend when the window opens. There will be email confirmation. After the window opens, please don’t resend an entry unless you check with us. Sometimes the confirmation process gets overwhelmed. The window will close […]

Meet the Nightmare on Query Street Agents!

The big reveal is HERE. Want to know which agents we have for Nightmare on Query Street? WE HAVE TWENTY-FOUR AND COUNTING!! There are so many agents participating, we can’t fit them all on one blog! View one-third of them below, then click on over to Michelle’s and Michael’s blogs to see the rest. We’ve got both well-established agents and some newer […]

Nightmare on Query Street Mentor Chat!

Writers like to socialize from the comfort of their homes.  So we’re having a twitter chat to get to know the mentors and ask questions and just visit!  Join us on Thursday, October 12th right before the submission window opens for Nightmare on Query Street on the 13th. Bring your questions, writing problems, and curiosity […]

Meet the (completely unscary) Nightmare on Query Street Mentors!

I know you’ll want to get to know the mentors who will be helping the finalists perfect their query letter and first 250 words.  One-third of the mentors are listed below. To see the rest, visit Michelle’s and Michael’s blogs. Some of the mentors have been helping our contests for ages and some are brand new. Please […]

Nightmare on Query Street is Back!

We’re back with ?? agents and even more mentors! It’s Nightmare Time! Don’t have a scary manuscript, DON’T WORRY. Just read on. A brand new year, and unimaginable horrors to come. This contest, as it runs in the Halloween time, is all about FEAR. The Details: The submission window opens at 4:00 pm (EST) on Friday, […]

The Nightmare is Back

One…Two…We are coming for you. Three…Four…There will be a slush war. Five…Six…Get your query fixed. Seven…Eight…Make your first page great. Nine…Ten…Yes, we’re at it again. Nightmare on Query Street The agents are ready…. Are you? Face your Fear October 13, 2017

SWEET REALITY is now available!!

I’m so excited to be able to share the second book in the Reality Star series with you today. Check out SWEET REALITY!  Release Date: September 5, 2017 Synopsis SUGAR, SEA SALT, AND SHOW BIZ   Jen Reid’s life after walking off a reality show has been great–she’s gone from being a broke twenty-four-year-old Seattleite […]