NoQS Adult Fantasy: GETTING BACK

Genre: Adult Fantasy
Word Count: 72,000

My MC and MA are dressed as:
Diana would refuse to dress up for Halloween, so she’d go as herself, a queen. However, Calla’s passive ambitions would drive her to dress up in a queen costume, crown and all. Calla would eat up the look on Diana’s face if they were to run into each other.  

Diana Fletcher thrust her dagger through the king of Revland’s heart, becoming queen, along with her sister Rose. Five years later, Calla Darkwood sees Diana not as the wise queen she is known as, but as the foreign murderer of her beloved brother. Calla destroys the Fletcher Queens’ reign when she tricks them through a portal, trapping them in the realm they escaped from, Regency England. 

Diana and Rose return to the exact day they fled from England, five years earlier. Their eldest brother carts them off to the countryside to meet rich suitors. As guilt-driven Diana loses hope of returning to her fiancé in Revland, Rose fights to get back before Diana is forced marry someone else. 

Calla plots with Darkwood Loyalists to take back the throne—all she needs is a human sacrifice. She arrives in England to ensnare the queens’ beloved youngest brother, Matthew, as full revenge on Diana. However, plans become muddled when she finds her own heart softening for Matthew. But Calla’s love for her murdered brother eclipses any new emotions. Diana and Rose must find a way to get back to Revland before Calla can kill their brother and take their throne. 

First 250 Words:
Calla Darkwood would have been a sweet and gentle princess, if the queens hadn’t invaded Revland. 

She clawed the frame of her castle suite’s window, the wood splintering beneath her tearing nails. Below, the people of the castle suffocated the courtyard with their numbers, biding time before the queens of Revland returned home from their lengthy journey. 

A few years ago, Calla would have been outside on such a fair day. As a child, she spent sunny spring afternoons in the castle’s garden picking thorny roses and on the beach skipping jagged stones with her brother. Now her brother was as dead as the last snow of winter, and the spring sunlight failed to brighten the shadowed walls of the castle that remained her refuge. 

“Princess Calla?” a voice said from behind her. 

Calla twisted. Fenn Song’s tall figure darkened the doorway. Though many in the castle had known Calla as a princess, he was the only one that continued to call her by that title. Most avoided her eyes as they passed and muttered, “Lady Darkwood.”

She concealed herself in the East Wing to avoid it. 

“The queens should be back any moment,” Fenn said and stepped into the light toppling in from the window—the only light in the room. It illuminated his freckles, reminding Calla of when he was only a boy trailing her around the castle halls. Fenn was a man now, yet he still followed her. 
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