NOQS Adult Speculative Fiction: POPULIST

Genre: Adult Speculative Fiction 
Word Count: 102,000
My MC and MA (main antagonist) are dressed as:
Greg is dressed as Donald Trump. His wheat-colored wig keeps slipping off of his head, and the orange makeup causes him to sweat. Even though he hates politics, he can’t resist an opportunity to provoke others. The antagonist, Malcolm, contends with Greg every chance he gets and considers himself a champion of truth. He wears a silver wig that’s combed to the side with a name tag on his chest that reads, “Robert Mueller.”

Today is Justice Day in the United Colonies, and the citizens vote out unfavorable politicians, execute them, and select their replacements. 
Popular radio host Greg Whistler hates politics. He sees it as nothing more than a talking point to boost ratings so he can make a living and satisfy his divorce settlement. But when his fans select him as the next presidential candidate, he’s drafted into a democracy where failure to please the people results in death.
With only seven days to campaign, Greg feels the pressure. The other candidates have everything he doesn’t—consultants, staff, and compelling platforms. He’ll go to prison for losing or failing to participate, so driven by desperation to win, he lies about his opponents, the media, and anyone against him. The people love the theater he brings, and their votes propel him to an unexpected victory. But now that he’s president, he must embrace the politics he hates in order to satisfy the people’s appetites. If he fails, he’ll be their next victim.
First 250 words:
Except for the rifles strapped across their backs and the pollution masks covering their faces, the protesters stood naked on the sidewalk. Greg counted thirty of them from where he stood across the street. Fifteen of them linked their arms in one row, and the other fifteen stood behind them doing the same. They chanted in a ritualistic monotone, “No more Justice Day; no more deaths.”
A crowd formed around them, snapping photos, recording video, and pointing fingers. The whole scene sent shivers down Greg’s back. He tapped his foot, wishing his cab would arrive before the madness ensued. In a few minutes, police would arrive, dressed in riot gear and carrying guns, to disband the protestors by any means.
Greg stood next to his production assistant, Lee Woo, as afternoon clouds churned above Columbus City. People walked the sidewalks with umbrellas over their heads and masks covering their faces. Traffic inched forward, honking horns at the protestors.
As rain pattered his umbrella, Lee said, “They pull this crap every Justice Day.”
Greg agreed. Every Justice Day citizens voted out the politicians they disliked, executed them on live television, and selected their replacements. And every Justice Day people went into a frenzy. Greg detested the executions and protests, but he still exploited them to peddle conspiracy theories and anti-government rhetoric on his radio show. Ratings were ratings, and the job paid the bills and his alimony.
“Great show today by the way,” Lee said as if he had read Greg’s thoughts.  
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  1. I'm SHIVERING for this! Please send your query, 1-2 page synopsis, and the first ten pages to queries at azantianlitagency dot com with "NoQS: TITLE by Name" in the subject line. Thanks! I look forward to reading on! -Jennifer Azantian

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