Being Awesome, Week 20

Oh, hey! I’ve spent the last twenty weeks appreciating the better things in life. My attitude has improved dramatically. And that’s pretty cool. Here are just a few of the awesome things that have been going on.

  1. On Sunday, I spent the day with friends who live two hours away. We don’t see them nearly often enough. But they’re good people, and we had a great time playing games and hanging out.
  2. Spending half the way in the car meant that we got to finish listening to Redshirts. Man, that is one fantastic audiobook. Wil Wheaton is pretty much the perfect narrator for it.
  3. One of my critique partners finished reviewing some pretty major revisions on a manuscript and gave me the green light on it. I feel good about what I’ve come up with.
  4. Waffles for dinner. Need I say more? (Hint: No)
  5. I am extremely grateful, this week and every week, for an agent who supports me and my work.
  6. There’s another contest coming up! Keep an eye on #NewAgent for details. I’m really excited about this one.
  7. We made the decision last week to leave a ballgame halfway after the first inning because of horrible rain (and not being able to see anything but umbrellas between us and the field). Later, they announced that we can turn in our tickets to see another game free! Woo-hoo!
In the comments, tell me what awesome things happened in your life this week.
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