Being Awesome, Weeks 18-19

I was sick most of last week, so I missed my weekly affirmation. Decided it was better to just rest than to try to put it up late. Anyway, lots of good things happening. Here’s my supersized list of awesome things I’m grateful for this week.

  1. I’m not sick this week! Party! *knock on wood*
  2. Agents of Shield Season 2 is on Netflix. If only you’d been present when I discovered that my DVR glitched and deleted 4 episodes no longer available On Demand, ABC, or any legal websites, you’d understand how exciting this is. It was a rocky couple of days.
  3. Last week, my darling husband and I celebrated our two year anniversary. It’s been a wonderful two years, and I can’t wait to see what the next 50 or so years bring.
  4. I learned how to make stuffed pork chops! They are quite delicious.
  5. Jurassic World! A movie that tells women everywhere that is IS possible to run for four hours through the jungle in stilettos without sinking, tripping, breaking a heel, or losing one. Those are some REALLY GOOD SHOES, GUYS! (I’ve seen the articles about the character’s choice to wear those shoes….whatever. Your feet, wear what you want. Good for Bryce Howard in making a stand. But I don’t buy that the shoes themselves [and her feet] would hold up in that scenario. By the end, she should’ve been limping at the very least. Barefoot would’ve been much more believable. Yes, I’m arguing about what’s believable in a movie about creating dinosaurs out of DNA). Putting that aside, the movie was enjoyable, and I love me some Chris Pratt.
  6. Anyway, I had a lovely afternoon with a friend, writing, watching movies, and drinking beer. (In case you were wondering, I wore flip-flops.)
  7. We spent a quiet Saturday evening with good friends, saying goodbye to some jerk who’s moving out of state. (Ok, we’re happy for him, but it’s still sad.) Take a moment to appreciate the good people in your life.
  8. QueryKombat is still going, and it’s awesome to watch how much these writers strive to improve their entries. These people are going places, and I can’t wait to watch their journeys.
  9. We actually managed to sit out on the back deck and not get rained on! Once, for like a few minutes. I’ll take it. 
  10. It’s my niece’s birthday! We can legally drink together without having to go to Mexico or Canada! Yippee!!! (She’s my OLDER sister’s child. Remember that.)
  11. My husband tried to take a selfie with the cat using my phone when I wasn’t looking. However, the cat was sitting in a beam of sunlight, and he turned on the flash. My husband was totally washed out. So what I found was a picture of what appears to be our cat taking a selfie, with an eyeball hovering in the background. It’s pretty awesome.
  12. These little furballs have saved me thousands of dollars in therapy bills. 
What awesome things happened to you last week?
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