Being Awesome, Week 16

Here’s a peek at some of the good things that happened during the past week.
  1. Grass is growing on our front lawn! It’s not all brown and dead anymore! And there’s no massive hole around where the For Sale sign was (which, for some reason, it was at least 8x the size of the post).
  2. S’mores, it turns out, have many fewer calories than I would’ve guessed.
  3. Dinner and games with friends is always a great way to spend a Friday night.
  4. …. and a Saturday night (even met new friends!).
  5. Judging the Query Kombat entries is really difficult, but also incredibly rewarding. So much talent!
  6. The carpenter bees are gone! (I think—it’s been raining a lot.) But we’ve actually spotted a few honey bees, so, bee-wise, everything is as it should be (maybe).
  7. I got to read my CP’s amazing new manuscript. It’s ridiculously good. I’m so lucky not to have to wait for these things to be published before getting to read them.
What about you? What awesome things happened this week?
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