Being Awesome, Week 17

Here’s a look at some of the awesome things that happened over the past week.

  1. Two friends got married on Saturday in a wonderful ceremony under an arch made of books. How awesome is that? And I couldn’t be happier for them.
  2. The wedding was held in New England, a few hours away. We got to drive through beautiful scenery (much of it with no cell phone reception), so I got to unplug for a while.
  3. Listening to Redshirts on Audiobook in the car, which is absolutely hilarious.
  4. Our patio furniture arrived! We have a place to sit outside! Woo-hoo!
  5. Things are moving right along with my work in progress, and I managed to get it out to my next round of readers. I think I’m still on track to be finished by the end of the summer.
  6. Dinner with friends, old and new, last week was both awesome and hilarious, as usual. I’m really lucky to have had a ready-made circle of friends when I moved to this area. 
  7. We finalized our vacation plans for this year. Yippee! 
What awesome things happened to you? Tell me in the comments.
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