Being Awesome, Week 9

Good morning!

I decided to push this week’s post back a little, so all the #PitchSlam posts would still be the first thing to pop up when agents visit my blog to make requests. But, I think these weekly affirmations are important, even though I’m essentially the only person who reads them. So, here we go – another week, more awesome things:

  1. PitchSlam was absolutely amazing! I got to see writers come together to comfort and support each other, win or lose, and it was a beautiful thing. 
  2. The entries I chose for #TeamNotorious received a combined of 8 requests from 7 agents, including two full requests! I’m so proud of my cast, and everyone who entered, for putting their work out there. That’s really scary.
  3. My darling husband and I discovered a new restaurant with these ridiculously good buffalo chicken won tons. We’ll be back.
  4. I successfully assisted in both PitchSlam and NestPitch at the same time, and didn’t die. Next year, though, it would be nice if they weren’t being held at the exact same time. 🙂
  5. Friends on Netflix! Sure, I’m 4.5 months late on this one, but it’s SO AWESOME to be able to stream Friends for several hours when you’re lying sick on the couch. Yes, I’ve been doing this for the past ten years, but I appreciate no longer having to get up to change the discs.
  6. Spring has sprung! No really! Even the lingering snow piles are gone, and it’s been in the 60s every day. Yippee!
  7. A new plot bunny is forming. Things could get interesting.
What have the rest of you been doing while I was buried in contests? Awesome things, I hope.
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