1. Pitch Slam: GOODBYE, GOOD-GOODY GIRL, YA Contemporary


Genre: YA Contemporary

Word Count: 68,000

Fav. Movie Genre: Mirella loves “Golden Age” musical movies because they bring the whimsy of the stage a little closer to home. Plus, she wants to star in all of them.

Pitch: After landing the lead in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Mirella embraces her character on stage and off. But as her new persona alienates her loved ones, she has to decide who she is: Millie or Mirella.

First 250:
I stared at the pointy skyscraper silhouettes on the poster, taking in what they meant. My senior musical was Thoroughly Modern Millie. And I had to be Millie.
My best friend Breeze nudged me. “Earth to Miri! Are you even listening to me? We need to go to this party.” She had been going on about Kate Riggs’ Halloween party for nearly a week, and I had been providing excuses for just as long.
I yanked open my locker with a defiant clang. “I can’t. I have musical auditions.”
Breeze followed my gaze to the poster. “Auditions aren’t for another two weeks,” she said over the shuffling feet and chattering voices filling the hallway.
“Eleven days.” I corrected, balancing a book on my knee as I reached for another. “And I need to be Millie.”
“Like you have any competition. Plus, we always spend Halloween together.” She peered around the edge of my locker door with her best puppy dog eyes.
“To go trick-or-treating, not to some shady house party, Z,” It was a waste of breath. At this point, her persistence alone was eroding my will to refuse.
“Mirella, don’t you want to live a little before college?” She was just baiting me now. “It’s not like your dad would even have to know. You’re supposed to be with me for Halloween anyway.”

The way she nonchalantly leaned against Julian Duke’s locker had me believing it was no big deal for a theatre geek to show up at the popular kids’ Halloween party.
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