My Goals for 2016

I can’t quite believe another 365 days has slipped past me, but no matter how many times I double-check, my calendar still says it’s 2016. I can’t believe it. Shouldn’t I have a flying car by now?

Well, flying cars and hover boards may still be a distant dream (those modified Segways don’t count), but there are things I CAN work on in 2016.

  1. I will write two new manuscripts (at least).
  2. Finish reading through the manuscript I finished in September to see what work it needs and make a plan for revision. Accept help from my amazing critique partner instead of insisting that I need to do everything all myself – especially when I’m stumped. 
  3. Read and review my Netgalley books before asking for more. No more than 3 unreviewed books at once from now on.
  4. My Goodreads challenge last year was 30 books, and I finished in August, so I may need to step up that game a bit this year. (Note: This does not count the 70 or so manuscripts I read for my internship, critique partners, paid critiques, etc.) Sure, I have a lot going on, but I suspect I can read at least 35-40 books.
  5. Tendonitis sucks. I will not re-injure my bad shoulder doing stupid things and will rest when needed. 
  6. Last year was awesome, but I really can’t participate in every writing contest. When contests happen at the same time, I will pick one.
  7. There are many important people in my life, scattered around the world. But there are also many important people at home. It’s time to find more of a balance between my social life and social media.
  8. Instead of looking at how far I have to go, I’ll stop to appreciate how much I’ve already accomplished.
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