Being Awesome, Week 22

I just spent a week on vacation with most of my closest friends, so this week’s overview of life’s awesome things is pretty easy.

  1. Kentucky joins my list of states I’ve visited (too tired to count, but I think I’m over 30 by now).
  2. There’s a gift shop in the Detroit airport that sells Tim Horton’s coffee. That’s extremely exciting for me and my husband.
  3. Riding a mechanical bull – and staying on more than a minute. And I didn’t have to use both hands or lie down on the bull to stay on. Yay me! This bull operator was significantly nicer than at the first place I tried it (where I lasted maybe 8 seconds), but still, I did well. 
  4. A friend brought me Canadian candy bars!! I have the best friends in the world.
  5. Five days of playing board games. Five days. Hundreds of games. Throw in a few books and some Timbits, and I’m in heaven.
  6. We went to a bourbon tasting, where I discovered that, although I don’t really like bourbon, I can drink it. (Turns out, I like it much better neat than on the rocks.) I also learned horrifying facts about rotgut that I’m determined to work into a manuscript someday. 
  7. Another excellent friend took very good care of the kitties while we were gone. I’m not sure they missed us at all. They seemed a bit disappointed that they’re stuck with us now.
What awesome things do you do last week?
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