Being Awesome, Week 15

Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost June. Anyway, a peek at all the things in life to be grateful for:

  1. On Sunday, we had a BBQ with friends. Great food, board games, excellent conversation, and someone showed us the glorious result of mixing cinnamon schnapps with apple cider (that should almost get its own mention).
  2. I took the entire weekend off from writing, editing, CPing, brainstorming, plotting—everything. And I felt much better for it when I went back to those things on Tuesday.
  3. My critique partner finished my latest manuscript, and her feedback was overwhelmingly positive.
  4. An exterminator came to take care of our (completely destructive, non-pollinating) carpenter bee problem. Yay for being able to go outside!
  5. The QueryKombat entries have been received, and I’m excited about the huge amount of talent in the pool of contestants. It’s going to be a great contest. 
  6. A new game I ordered online arrived in two days—a huge surprise, since I had no idea the post office delivered packages on Memorial Day.
  7. I think I’ve finally perfect my S’mores in the oven recipe. 
  8. I have coffee (I got busy and forgot to write this in advance, so at 6:30 in the morning, I am ALWAYS grateful for coffee).
What about you? Tell me in the comments about your awesome things this week.
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