Being Awesome, Week 12

Last week I went on a MUCH-needed vacation, so this one is pretty easy. Vacation = bonus awesome things.

  1. Meeting my baby niece. She’s kind of a lump, at only six weeks old, but she is a cute lump.
  2. Spending four days with my sister and her husband. Even better, giving my husband time to get to know them – the only time he’d previously spent time with them was at our wedding and theirs, where socializing was necessarily limited (and included 20+ other crazy family members who also wanted our attention).
  3. Spending four days with my best friend in the world. 
  4. Did I mention that there was a board game convention? I adore board games. Nothing makes me happier than spending this one weekend a year playing games with friends I don’t see often enough.
  5. Lots and lots and lots of other friends, most of whom I only see a couple of times a year.
  6. BEACH! (We went to San Diego.)
  7. Eating nothing but Mexican food for four days. This is huge to this poor, displaced CA girl. Mexican food doesn’t really exist where I live now, unless I want to make it myself.
  8. On the plane, I managed to add a significant amount to my work in progress and came up with some ideas for fixing the middle section, which I may or may not choose to implement sometime this month (or I’ll do it in June – I’m not in a hurry).
  9. Time to read books I am not editing.
  10. Finally got to see Thor: The Dark World. Yes, I’m ridiculously behind on movies. And I have half a season of Agents of Shield to watch before I go see the new Avengers movie next weekend. 
What about you? What awesome things did you do while I was gone?
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