Being Awesome, Week 11

Another week gone by already? Alright, here we go. Seven days, seven awesome things:

  1. On Sunday, I awed everyone on my trivia team by being able to correctly state the capital of Berundi. I’m calling this a double win – the only reason I knew the answer is that it happened to be a random fact I looked up when writing a trivia competition as part of Reality Summer.  Serendipity!
  2. Because I cleaned my house for company on Sunday, I didn’t have to clean again for company on Monday. Back-to-back houseguests for the win! 
  3. I got my hair cut yesterday, and it looks super cute.
  4. Friend’s birthday = mudslides with people I don’t get to see nearly often enough. 
  5. Now that spring has finally sprung, I’ve learned that there is nothing more awesome than watching my cats watch the birds.
  6. On Monday, I got to walk around outside for an hour. The gym is fine, most of the time, but actually being outside and breathing fresh air makes me feel much better. I miss that in winter, when my only “outside” consists of frantically racing from my car to a building.
  7. Edits on the new manuscript are moving right along.  I added about 5,000 words, and I’m on track to have it ready for my critique partners by mid-May, which is what I wanted.
What about you? List your awesome things below!
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