Being Awesome, Week 8

I’ve been completely slammed helping to judge two writing contests at once, but I also think that it’s important to remember the good things in life, so I’m taking a moment to be grateful for all the awesome things out there.

  1. I am working with some amazing, talented, incredibly selfless writers. These people are donating a LOT of their time to help other writers, and some of them are in the query trenches themselves. I am amazed at the generosity and so grateful to have been asked to be included in this wonderful group.
  2. Hmmm…. look above, I think I’m grateful for adjectives. Yay adjectives!
  3. I critiqued more than 200 pitches and first pages in four days, and I read about 80 pages for NestPitch. That’s A LOT of reading, and it’s exhausting, but I’m proud of myself.
  4. I started to buy all 300 single-sized serving packs of Cadbury mini-eggs left at Target, but I managed to talk myself down to only 3, so that’s a victory.
  5. Coffee. Yay coffee. Even better, it is awesome that I live in a place where I can have a three-pound bag of coffee delivered to my house once a month, so I will NEVER RUN OUT. 
  6. During a contest time-out, I took a break for a wine and cheese tasting with friends. I’m so glad I did. Never forget to take care of yourself, guys.
  7. I also managed my first spinning class in ages without hurting myself. So that was good. 

You. Awesome things this week? GO: 
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