8. PitchSlam: NOT QUITE MARKETABLE, YA Contemporary


Genre:  YA Contemporary

Word Count:  80,000
Genre:  Alix is flexible and will watch whatever, but he has a weakness for comedies.  Life’s got enough stressors to deal with, so if he can escape for a little while and laugh, he’s game.  Then again, schlocky horror has been growing on him lately….
Pitch:  Chubby Alix doesn’t look like a star, but–holy crap–can he sing! When non-disclosure agreements and blacklisting trap him in a rigged TV competition, the chance to keep performing means proving passion trumps “perfection.”
First 250:
A wet spot spread across the front of Alix’s pants.  Awesome.  Because nothing made him feel more prepared to audition for a singing competition than looking like he just pissed himself.
He jumped to his feet as the impromptu shower hit.  He should’ve seen it coming.  Up until then, the teen occupying the chair beside him had acted oblivious to his presence, occasionally elbowing him in the stomach as she chatted with the surrounding contestants.  That should’ve been clue number one.  Number two was that she was a major hand talker–barely a sock puppet away from putting on a show.  When she came back from a bathroom break with a water bottle in tow?  Yeah, it didn’t take a psychic to foresee where that was going.
“Ohmigawd! I’m totally sorry!”  The culprit’s manicured hands darted to cover her mouth.  Too bad she didn’t think to put the bottle down, first.  A second wave doused him.
“It’s–oh–shoot!”  Cheeks burning in mortification, Alix tried to shake the liquid off before it soaked in.  No luck.  It was harmless–just water.  He knew that.  The girl knew that.  Every other auditioner around him knew that.  But all the cameras would see was a suspicious dark stain across the front of his jeans.
“At least it happened now, right?”  She capped the drink–finally–and placed it beside her folding chair.  “It would’ve been way worse if you had to sit here in wet pants all day.”

Strangely enough, he was inclined to disagree.
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