Spring has utterly failed to….er…. sprung in the northeast (that sentence would make sense if it were warm and/or not snowing…). The weather outside may still be frightful, but inside – the writing contests are almost here!

#NestPitch submissions open on Wednesday. I’m reading slush for Team OneBasket, headed by the amazing and talented SC Author. This is a great opportunity, because the teams get to read, evaluate, and offer feedback on several pages before making a decision, rather than just the first page.
(Remember: Your ENTIRE MANUSCRIPT should be shined until it sparkles before entering a contest, not just the first page or first chapter.)

On Friday, #PitchSlam is here. The great thing about PitchSlam is that writers have the opportunity to get feedback on their pitches and first page before being chosen for the agent round. Last year, we were completely wowed by the amount of work that went into improving some of the entries, and manuscripts that could’ve been passed over on first glance made it to the agent round. That’s so exciting for me, personally, to see how my feedback has helped.

Anyway, this year’s theme is Tinseltown. The fantastically talented Mary Ann Marlowe and I are heading up Team Notorious, casting our thriller with the help of Princess Grace.

Does that mean we’re only looking for thrillers? Of course not. We’re looking for fresh concepts, interesting characters, and great writing. Personally, I tend to read more adult fiction than YA or MG, but I’m looking to create a well-balanced team that will appeal to the variety of agents we have participating.

Follow both hashtags for more information. Hope to see you in the slush!

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