“The Basket Case” guest blog on Celebration Generation

In addition to books (reading and writing), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a really good cheese, one of the things I really enjoy is baking. Cooking is fine – I can cook, if you tell me what you want to eat and hand me a recipe. It’s theoretically possible that I could find a recipe if I know what I want to eat. But beyond that, most cooking is beyond me.

Baking is another thing entirely. I love it, because I don’t have to improvise or use fancy techniques or know which flavors go together (Hint: Everything goes with chocolate). I love baking. A couple of years ago, I joined a dinner club to help me learn to cook new things. Surprise, surprise, I found myself signing up to bring dessert every month.

Anyway, one month, we had a great theme, but I just couldn’t find a recipe to fit what I wanted to bring. So, I created my own. And as weird as it sounds, the dish turned out pretty good. My friend Marie Porter has a food blog, and she kindly allowed me to do a guest post to share my bizarre-yet-tasty creation.

Without further adieu, I present you “The Basket Case,” my The Breakfast Club-inspired bread pudding:

And in case my comments have rendered you afraid to look, here’s a picture. Mmmm!

Cap’n Crunch Bread Pudding with Caramelized Sugar (a.k.a, “The Basketcase”)

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