My 2015 Goals

A week after I posted my 2014 wrap-up, I thought maybe it was time to share my goals for 2015.  I do this partially because when I went to see if I hit my 2014 goals, I realized I never wrote them down. (I rewrote an entire MS, wrote and polished a second, drafted a third, got an agent and bought a house, though, so I think I did pretty well.) So, let’s hear it for creating accountability!

Here’s what I’ll do 2015 (some of these are on-going).

  1. Even though I’m fairly introverted, staying inside and only interacting with people via the internet starts to drag on me after a while. I’ll make more of an effort to get out of the house, even if it’s only going to the gym or running to the mall instead of buying everything online (and hey, I’m supporting local businesses!).
  2. Tying into that, I feel better when I exercise regularly. I’ll remind myself of this fact as necessary (usually when I don’t want to do cardio).
  3. I will finally get my husband to finish watching Season 7 of Doctor Who with me. We have to stop falling behind.
  4. More fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Less crap. (Cookies will henceforth be considered a vegetable)
  5. Instead of constantly buying new books I don’t have time to read, I’ll read at least a few more of the 50+ classics I downloaded when I first got my Kindle (in 2011).
  6. I will make time to snuggle with my kitties every day. (Excuse me)

  7. There is a particular fitness thing I’ve been working toward for months now. This year, it’s going to happen. (And when it does, I’m going to make a giant ice cream sundae to celebrate.)
  8. I will not judge myself by other people’s successes. When someone else gets a book deal, that doesn’t mean I never will. Instead, I’ll focus on what I can do – writing the best books I can, staying healthy, being a good wife, and living a balanced life.
  9. Rest is a key part of being healthy. I will not beat myself up for taking days off.
  10. Balance. Balance, balance, balance. All things in moderation.
What about you? Goals for 2015?
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  1. These are excellent goals. And I will now be piling cookies on my plate next to my meatloaf. Have a happy and successful New Year, Laura!

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