Listen to Your Inner Critique Partner (CP)

If you’re a writer, you probably spent a lot of time and energy trying to connect with a Critique Partner who understands you and your work, and who writes things you want to read and can critique. When you find that person – listen to him/her. I had a couple of CP misfires at first. […]

How to Tame a Manuscript

Some writing projects come easily. My first manuscript poured out of me. There were a few plot points I had to mull over for a few hours, or sometimes overnight, but I always knew what to write next until I hit somewhere around 65k words. Plot issues never stumped me for more than a day […]

How to Write

Step One: Grab a computer/laptop/tablet/cell phone/pen and paper/stone and chisel/stick and patch of sand. Whatever you like. Step Two: Find a position that allows you to use your chosen writing implement(s)/device(s) comfortably. Sit, stand, lie flat, hang upside-down, it doesn’t matter. Step Thee: Write. That’s it. There is no one way to write correctly. Some […]

Conflicting Feedback

Last week, I talked about responding to negative feedback, but now I want to talk about when you get conflicting feedback. My first 250 words and query were posted on a few different websites for critique and feedback. Let me stress: I appreciate every comment, and all of it helped me. I am very grateful for the […]

Responding to Feedback

Every writer is going to get negative feedback. It’s inevitable. Not everyone can love your work. I didn’t finish The Fault in Our Stars (please don’t stop reading). I have a friend who won’t even read The Hunger Games because she finds the subject matter so appalling. The Ender’s Game series has gotten criticism for […]

Writer’s Envy

I’m not talking about when someone else lands an agent before you or gets a six-figure deal (although it would be perfectly natural to be a little jealous in those situations). This post is about jealousy when your friends all get to write and you don’t. I’m about neck-deep in edits right now. I’m editing […]