Free Book Promo vs. 99 Cent Deals, Part 1

As anyone who follows me on social media probably knows, I’ve spent A LOT of time and money promoting the Reality Star series over the past couple of years. This was my first series, and the books are traditionally published (which limits my access to tools such as Amazon ads).


In 2017, America’s Next Reality Star went on sale for 99¢. We weren’t able to get a Bookbub deal, so I posted the sale on virtually every other similar site I could find (that accepted the genre). You can read about my results in my Writer Unboxed article. When Sweet Reality went on sale a few months later, I tried again. The results were less disappointing because I didn’t spend as much to get them, but still not what I’d hoped for.


One thing I’ve consistently heard helps sell books is to give away a copy free, but I’ve never been able to do that, because I don’t set the price. However, now that Time of My Life is available, I’m back to checking out Daily Deals sites to see which will get me downloads and page reads. So, I’m trying again.


I’ve scheduled three free days for my book in the next couple of weeks, and set up promotions with Fussy Librarian and E-Reader News Today. Of all the sites I tried, these were two that provided the least disappointing results on my 99¢ book deal. I also set up FreeBooksy, which I haven’t used before but comes highly recommended. To be honest, I’m a little wary of this one because when I used Bargain Booksy, I was not at all happy with the results. But I trust the person who told me to give them a shot, and I recognize that having the book in Kindle Unlimited changes things.


Next, I’m taking a look at JustKindle Books. They offer a promotion that puts your books in their newsletter site, plus eReader Nation and Book Sliced and on their social media. Best of all, if you mention them on your website, you can book one of these promotions free! Since it costs me nothing, I figured I’d give it a shot.

Link to Us and Get a FREE Premium Promotion


Oh, and it looks like they’re giving away a Kindle per month, so why not sign up?

Kindle Fire Giveaway


Cross your fingers for me. I’ll update with my results in a few weeks.

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