Oceanic Oracle: Interview with Frank Hansen

After dinner the first day on the Oceanic Aphrodite, passengers are offered the opportunity to give a short interview to appear in the ship’s newsletter, The Oceanic Oracle. Every couple of weeks, I’m featuring a different passenger. This week, get to know Frank Hansen!


Tell me a bit about yourself: Name, age, where are you from?

My name is Frank Hansen, I’m thirty-two years old, and I live in Miami.


What made you decide to book a trip on the Oceanic Aphrodite?

My sister dragged me along. She’s part of this singles cruise and needed the support. Even though I’m not looking for a relationship.


Are you traveling alone or with a group?

Besides my sister, I’m here with old friends and my childhood sweetheart.


What is your favorite thing about the cruise so far?

 Spending time with the people I love. We all work long hours, but it’s important to take a break sometimes. 


What are you most looking forward to?

Uhhh, new friends. Getting to know people I met earlier.


And, of course, the most important question: have you met your true love?

You know, it’s definitely a possibility.


Thanks, Frank!


Janey’s never felt this way before, but passengers are off limits. It’s only one dirty dance…

Legend says everyone who boards the Oceanic Aphrodite finds love. Janey’s on the ship to teach pole fitness, not for romance. Then she meets Frank. He’s everything Janey isn’t-refined, classy, rich-but his good looks and charm make him undeniably appealing. Unfortunately, he’s also a passenger.

When Janey’s partner can’t perform in the end-of-cruise talent show, Frank offers to fill in. He’s never done pole, but she’s got time to teach him. As they grow closer, Janey finds herself hoping the legend is real-but if she gives in to temptation, she could be out of a job.

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About the Author:
Laura Heffernan is like the wind. A couple of years ago, she discovered that she could have the time of her life doing pole fitness. In the still of the night, Laura enjoys writing books that recognize love is strange.

Before taking time off to have a baby, yes, she could do most of the moves described in this book. Not that one. But because big girls don’t cry, she tries not to dwell on it. Where are you tonight? Probably on Twitter, tweeting about reality television, board games, or Canadian chocolate.

Read about Laura’s other books at www.lauraheffernan.com or sign up for her newsletter at eepurl.com/clbu0P.

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