Being Awesome, Week 5

Another Wednesday, another week of awesome. Don’t forget to take time out to appreciate the good things in life.

  1. Against all odds, I managed to come up with another 10k words for my work in progress last week. I can only imagine that this is because I decided to write all the super fun parts first. I may be in trouble soon.
  2. I had an idea for a sequel to the manuscript I finished last fall, which I’d originally thought would be stand alone. It all came together very quickly, and I’m really excited about the possibilities.
  3. Received some feedback on the manuscript I’m editing that has really strengthened the whole thing overall and saved me from sending a document with some really embarrassing mistakes to my agent. Let’s hear it for beta readers! Woo-hoo!
  4. On Saturday, I got to spend an entire day playing board games with friends. No work, no stress, no email refreshing – just fun.
  5. This space was reserved to talk about my newest niece, but… well… she’s taking her own sweet time. Ah, well. I’m still excited, and she should arrive soon.
  6. Working out! I’ve actually managed something fairly close to my old workout regime. It’s not perfect –  I still have to go slow and be careful, but it’s steady progress.
  7. RuPaul’s Drag Race is back!! (I know it’s been back for a while, but I’m always way behind on TV, and I’m watching enjoying it as I type this, so it counts.)
  8. Our adopt-a-versary! We celebrated the one year anniversary of acquiring our furry little beasts… well, we didn’t actually do anything, because cats don’t care about parties. But I snuggled them extra. (Maybe. Hard to measure.) 
What awesome things happened to you last week?
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