Being Awesome, Week 4

Another week, more opportunities to inject some awesome into the world. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

  1. My husband gave me spa gift certificates for Valentine’s Day. He is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Basically, I spent many hours relaxing, which is what it means when you have to lie very very still and aren’t allowed to check your email constantly. It’s way less frustrating than it sounds. (Please note that when you think of hilarious tweets during said relaxation time, you are not allowed to jump up and grab your phone. They frown on that.)
  2. I reached my goal of adding 10,000 more words to my newest work in progress. Actually, I obliterated that goal, thanks to a marathon 5,000+ words on Saturday. That means I started the week nearly halfway to this week’s writing goal.
  3. Last night, I went to bed in the middle of writing this. What? Because I am the master of my blog and the world won’t end if I don’t schedule Wednesday morning’s post on Tuesday night. Or, you know, if I posted it on Thursday or even never. My blog, my choice. No need to stress about it.
  4. I received some great feedback on my latest manuscript, and I’m very excited about implementing it. At this point, it looks like I’ll easily get it done before my self-imposed deadline of March 31.
  5. Did I mention the spa? Seriously, best husband ever.
  6. Dinner with friends after the spa. Dinner with friends can make everything better.
  7. I bought tickets to go visit my sister and her new baby, once said new baby makes an appearance. I intend to teach it to say “Laura.” (Obviously, my sister’s baby will be born a talking genius baby.)
I never actually got to build a snowman, but I’ll settle for temperatures above freezing.
So, that’s my week. What are you doing that’s awesome?
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