Being Awesome, Week 3

Well, it’s March, and it’s still effing snowing every day, so I can definitely use a weekly reminder of all the awesome in my life. Here’s a look at the past seven days:

  1. Friday: A networking-type event that included free dinner with most of our good friends. Bonus trivia as the entertainment portion of the evening, and my table got a perfect score. (I am proud to say that I contributed at least one answer, which may or may not have been the name of my hometown.) (State capitals trivia gets easier when you’ve only ever lived in state capitols.)
  2. Saturday: We got the cat into the carrier for his annual check-up on the first try, and if you knew this cat, you’d understand why that’s a win. (And he’s fine – yay!) Then we went out to sushi with a group of friends, followed by board games.
  3. Saturday Bonus: Everyone loved my cookie-dough filled cupcakes. Because they’re delicious.
  4. Sunday: I got to see a writer friend give a reading from his new book, coming out soon. The first two chapters were fantastic, and I can’t wait until I can buy the book. 
  5. My WIP is now over 10,000 words, and I wrote at least one scene that doesn’t include making terrible things happen to the main character (just to break up the monotony). Every word is a win right now, and it’s progress. The plot is starting to come together in my head, which makes it much easier to get it on paper.
So, that’s five awesome things from my week. Give me at least one awesome thing from yours, in the comments.
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  1. Since that is the exact number of times I exercised, yes, yes, it does. 🙂 This week, I'm aiming for 4 times without hurting myself.

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