Rededication to Being Awesome.

I’ve had a rough start to 2015. In fact, I’d call it the worst start I’ve had to a year since an awful break-up at the end of 2009. Professional problems are stuck in a weird downward spiral, and I can’t see the exit. I threw my back out and have been basically confined to the couch. The weather is atrocious (which somehow bothers me even when I can’t go outside). I’ve basically spent most of my non-working time eating junk food, watching Netflix, surfing the internet. And whining. 
No more.
This blog post is my rededication to being awesome. 
There are many things in life I can’t control. Gaining 20 pounds through sheer petulance, however, is something I can not only control but avoid. There is no reason to sit and eat junk all day just because I’m frustrated that I can’t get up and move around.
I cannot control the fact that I hurt myself. I need to be careful it doesn’t happen again. I’m short. There’s thin line between “I’m having a bad day” and “none of my clothes fit.” But I can walk slowly, do careful yoga, and take other steps toward getting back to where I need to be.
I cannot change the issues I have with my day job. But I can make a real effort to find another one.
I cannot control what happens to my books once they are out of my hands. But I can focus on something else, read, and even relax. No, seriously. I’ve schedule a spa day. I desperately need it. And I can support other writers and share in their successes.
I cannot control the weather. But just because I’m stuck inside doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good book, watch a movie, or have fun with friends.

The first 46 days of 2015 were awful. But I can make the next 319 awesome. And I’ll be posting weekly updates under the tag “Being Awesome.” Feel free to do the same on your blog. 🙂 We can all be more awesome together. 
What are you doing to be more awesome?
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  1. You're awesome, Laura! 🙂

    And yeah, I did the back thing a little over a year ago myself. Not fun. But I'm back up to speed after many months of slow but steady progress, so keep at it!

    • Thanks. 🙂

      I'm moving V-E-R-Y slowly. And I figured out that heat makes it worse, so ice it is. Good thing I know where to find about 47 thousand pounds of frozen water right now.

  2. <3 !

    I'm going to the listen to the quote I made up and taped to my computer. It's deeply inspirational. "Doing nothing gets you nowhere."

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