How My Furry Little Beasts Found a Home

I never intended for this to be solely a writing blog, and one of my goals for 2015 is to blog more things of interest to non-writers, too. Last week, in a fit of exhaustion, I created a blog that was nothing but pictures of my kitties – and it got more views/comment than most of my other posts.

This is because my cats are really darn cute. I can’t believe that they lived in a rescue for over a year before coming home with us, but they did. Why? Hard to say. Cat2 is a black kitty, and prejudice may have played some part in him staying at the shelter. He’s also very, very shy (still, but it was worse when we got him). Cat1 is the most outgoing, sweet, loving cat I’ve ever met  – now. It’s hard to remember the scared, shy kitty who hid behind the washing machine for three days when we got them.

Anyway, they are what the rescue called a “bonded pair.” Cat2’s mother was hit by a car around the same time that some jerk dropped Cat1 off by the side of the road with her newborn kittens (my poor baby). Cat2 was still an itty-bitty kitty, so the rescue gave him to Cat1, and she took care of him. (She still takes care of him. When we brought them home, she climbed into his carrier with him as soon as I opened the doors. Sat there with him for two or three hours.) The shelter wanted to keep them together, despite Cat1’s actual kitten still also living at the rescue, so they were offering a deal: Two cats for the price of one.

THAT’S TWICE AS MANY CATS! Obviously, the idea of two cats at once was very exciting to me, because that’s way better than just one.

And now, they sleep together in awkward positions that make me a wee bit uncomfortable.

Here, Cat2 is bathing Cat1, who is saying “Do you mind?”

I’m still not really sure what they’re doing here, but that lump behind Cat2 is my leg. This is what I woke up to. I told them to get a room next time.
My little yin-yang kitties.

They are the sweetest, funniest little creatures. If they’re not playing, they can usually be found sleeping entwined somewhere. And I can’t for the life of me figure out why no one was willing to adopt these wonderful kitties – but I’m glad they were there for my husband to find them and help me bring them home.

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