Where Laura Cops Out on Blogging…

I’m afraid I didn’t have time to write a blog post today, so here are some pictures of my cats. Everyone loves cat pictures, right?

When we first got them, kitties were scared of the new house. All our friends said, “We need pictures!!!” They didn’t believe I couldn’t get a decent shot. So, here’s a cat hiding behind the washer/dryer.
Here she is. Three days before she came out. Cat2 lived under the bed for 2 weeks.
My Little Princess, Cat1
Here, she was angry that I refused to feed her raw cookie dough.

Here, they’re intentionally playing in horrible light so I can’t get a video. Too bad, because it was hilarious.

The Princess does not appreciate when peasants disturb her slumber.

A rare shot of the elusive second cat. He’s shy.
Ok, so I promise a real blog post next week. I’ve got a couple of things planned. But, look! Kitties!
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  1. Ha. Good luck with that. THEY KNOW. As soon as your hand touches an electronic recording device, they terminate all adorable activity and return to being smugly furry lumps. My older cat has figured out how to make my kitten face-plant into the metal baby-gate but she only does it after humans have left the room.

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