Poll Dancer Cover Reveal!

I'm so excited to announce that I've finally got a release date and pre-order links for my upcoming chicklit release, POLL DANCER, the first book in the Push and Pole series. More importantly, I've got an amazing cover for you! But first, here's the blurb:

When politics meets pole fitness, Mel's life flips upside-down.

After Mel’s disastrous promotional video goes viral, a “family values” group launches a protest against her dance studio. Their leader isn’t just trying to stop her from teaching—he’s using Mel as a moral scapegoat for his own senate campaign. If he wins, he threatens to change the laws to keep all pole dancing out of their community.

Mel’s not going down without a fight. Since running for office beats unemployment, she decides to face off against him. She hires a campaign manager and tosses her hat in the ring. There’s just one problem: voters don’t get pole. Mel needs to change her image, fast. If she can’t get the people on her side, she won’t have a business to save. Can Mel figure out how to come out on top?

Fans of My Fair Lady will love this fun, witty twist on a classic.

And a brief excerpt:

My bravado faded slightly by the time work ended and I arrived at Daniel’s office to talk about my rash decision. Who was I to run for office?

A New York resident, I told myself firmly. A valuable member of the Albany community.

A strong, innovative woman with ideas about how to better the life of people in her area. Or at least make it a little more tolerant.

I had a right to a better future for myself and my neighbors. No, an obligation. Even if I lost spectacularly—which seemed likely—at least I didn’t sit back and let other people make decisions for me.

Before I could talk myself out of this meeting, I knocked on his closed door. It swung open as my inner debate raged on.

And now, check out this amazing cover!








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(Paperback version coming soon. To preorder a signed paperback, click here)

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