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Thank you so much to everyone who entered my preorder giveaway for SHE’S GOT GAME. I apologize for the delay in posting results. Turns out, when you have a one-year-old, sometimes time gets away from you. But I’m glad to see that so many people wanted to read my new series.


As a reminder, one lucky person not only got to read SHE’S GOT GAME on the day it came out, but also is the new proud owner of Settlers of Catan: Chocolate Edition.

Chocolate isn’t just something you can eat. With 32 bars made from the finest Belgian chocolate, you can also play Catan.

Product Description:

“CATAN – Chocolate Edition” is an abridged version of the classic board game “CATAN.” You harvest the resources wool, brick, lumber, grain, and ore, all of which you can trade with your opponents. You use these resources to build roads, settlements, and knights. Nothing new so far. But here comes the special feature! The game pieces are 32 chocolate bars made from the finest Belgian chocolate. The game rules are also simplified. To determine the resources for all players, a spinner is used instead of the dice. To build something, you pay the familiar resource combinations; however, you place the chocolate bars in front of yourself. The larger your empire, the more victory points you have. The first player to reach 5 victory points wins. It pays to settle skillfully because at the end of the game each player may eat their display.

Travel blogger Gwen Williams is about to live the dream—competing in the annual American Board Game Championship. She’s up against some stiff competition, namely legendary gamer and four-time champ Cody McKay. The seriously buff hottie and shameless flirt is going all-out to seduce her. That’s when Gwen lays her cards on the table: She never, ever mixes gaming with romance . . . until resisting Cody becomes a losing proposition.

As Gwen gives in to temptation, everything’s in play for a major heartache. With the rounds heating up and players eliminated, she knows she’s gambling a lot more than a seat at the final table in Vegas. But Cody’s kisses promise more than a fleeting romance. If she plays her cards right, Gwen just might walk off with the championship and the man of her dreams.

“Charming, funny, and full of surprises, She’s Got Game gave me all the feels, following Gwen on a romantic journey as she learns to let down her guard and play her hand at the game of love.” – Kristin Rockaway, author of How to Hack a Heartbreak.

And the winner is…..



Congratulations, Elaine! I’ll be in touch about sending your prize.


If you didn’t get a chance to preorder, SHE’S GOT GAME is currently available from all major online retailers. Want a signed paperback? Reach out to Rachel at Northshire Books and she can help you out.

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For those who’ve read and enjoyed SHE’S GOT GAME, you can now preorder the rest of the series!



Holly has taken herself out of the dating game since breaking up

with her cheating, thieving ex. She barely notices Marc, who comes into the game store every week, hoping to get her attention. Her friends insist it’s time to take on a new role, to leave Quiet Holly behind and embrace her inner flirt. And on paper, Marc’s great: cute, funny, and a hardcore gamer just like Holly is.

Then there’s Nathan. He’s everything twenty-eight-year-old Holly wants…except he’s also her friend’s father. Absolutely off-limits. But as she and Nathan playtest a new legacy game together, they’re growing closer. The game is complex and intriguing, and there’s no way to know how choices will pan out. What seems like a good idea could lead to disaster…or sweet victory. But in gaming, as in love, sometimes you have to roll the dice and take your chance . . .

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At twenty-eight, Shannon has yet to fall in love. Which is fine, since she’d rather spend her evenings creating games than swiping right or going on awkward blind dates. Right now though, she has two little problems. First, she’s stuck for a new game idea. Second, the only candidate in her roommate search is Tyler, the gaming buddy who’s long had an unrequited crush on her.

It should be awkward. But when Tyler moves in, the situation doesn’t go at all the way Shannon expected. Between helping her deal with coworkers and fixing the bugs in her latest game, Tyler’s proving to be damn near perfect. Except for the fact that he’s falling for someone else. . .

Maybe Shannon has already forfeited her turn. Maybe she’s playing for nothing but heartache. But the best games have endings you can never predict . . .

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