Time of My Life, Chapter 1

The past few months have been incredibly busy, with getting the Gamer Girls series for release and taking care of the baby. However, I was excited to be asked to be part of the Oceanic Dreams series, and am even more thrilled with how this novella came out. It took a lot of work, mostly when the baby was napping, and some tears (mostly when he refused to nap). But finally it’s done, and the release is coming in up just about six weeks.

To celebrate, I’m excited to offer my blog readers a sneak peek into Book 2, TIME OF MY LIFE. Learn more about this multi-author novella series here.

Chapter One

Time of My Life Cover

Right, left, up, swing left leg around, climb, fall backward, pause. The steps for my doubles routine went through my head on repeat while I stood in line at security, waiting to go through the inspection point and board the Oceanic Aphrodite. For the first time, I’d be dancing the Talent Show finale at the end of the cruise, which needed to go flawlessly. My future depended on this event, so I practiced every possible second.

My toes tapped in time with my thoughts, probably making me look quite odd. Fortunately, I’d been sailing this cruise for months as part of the onboard entertainment. The officers working the line knew me, and they were used to watching me dance in line. Once I made it to the metal detectors, it should be smooth sailing. Pun intended.

Normally, staff boarded the ship the night before or early in the morning before any guests arrived. My cabin mate Penny and I had gotten special permission to spend the night off-ship, a privilege that likely wouldn’t be repeated now that her guy problems made us two hours late. At least they’d agreed to let us on right after the VIPs so we could beat most of the regular passengers.

Beside me, Penny tapped away on her phone, her long dark hair forming a curtain over the device. “Why hasn’t Robbie texted me back?”

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