Query Kombat 2016 Round 4 Match-ups

Round 3 of this tournament is officially over. All kontenders fought valiantly, but alas, half of you must be knocked out. Win or lose, thanks for officially making QK the toughest query tournament in all the land. Be proud of yourselves for making it this far. 

A standing ovation to those of you who fought and came out victorious. A full 48 entries out of the 64 that started this tournament have been eliminated. Those left can practically smell the title of QK Grand Champion. Best of luck in round 4, kontenders. You’re going to need it.

Round 4 will be hosted on Laura’s blog from June 24-25. Below is not only a list of who made it into the 4th round, but who entrants be match against as well. Purple entries are on Team Writey McWriterface.
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