Genre: YA-Sci-Fi with romantic elements
Word Count: 102k
My Main Character’s Most Stressful Relationship is:
My main character’s most stressful relationships are with her two love interests. With Gabriel, her first boyfriend, insecurities about his real motives for dating her geeky self flourish when he keeps disappearing with vague explanations. Hacking his cell phone is pathetic but she worries he wants her lightning travel technology and not her. Fears turn real as Gabriel and his superiors abduct Mia and her invention.
Held captive, she struggles to manipulate her mentor, Rainier. Her original plan backfires when she falls hard for the misunderstood soldier. But can she trust a meta-human who can see into people’s memories to take her side? Protecting her technology is most important now. With a strategy in place to win him over, she risks her life, her device, and their future.         

When seventeen-year-old Mia sneaks her lightning travel technology into the Young Scientist Apprentice Competition, she doesn’t count on catching the eye of an organization bent on world dominion. But the future becomes more frightening when her new boyfriend, Gabriel, whom she met at the competition, helps abduct Mia and her world changing tech for a society called The White Ladder. Determined as she was about changing the future and not thinking of the consequences, a trait in desperate need of adjustment, Mia thought she hit rock bottom when Gabriel betrayed her but then the W.L threatens to kill her family if she doesn’t swear allegiance.
Because of her bad instincts and being quick to pull the trigger, she now pretends to do everything asked of her—even converting her invention into a weather weapon. This time she will not make the same mistake and structures a well-developed plan, trusting no one but her thoughts as she waits for the right moment to outwit the clandestine organization with her technology. When she meets her mentor/guard Rainier, Mia’s resolve crumbles, and she falls hard for the misunderstood soldier. Her crush morphs into fear when she discovers he’s a meta-human with superpowers capable of accessing people’s deepest memories by his touch. The revelation threatens her strategy, unless she can bury her secret deeper than Rainier can probe.
First 250 words:
Sneaking out of the house used to be tricky, but now that I’d mastered it—why stop?
I laced up my raggedy but dependably quiet sneakers. Moonlight seeped through the white lace curtains and slanted across the clock on my nightstand: 4:30.  Ever since nightfall, time dragged as I waited to launch my invention and change the world. Like tiny surges of electricity, adrenaline rippled through my veins.
Today, I would redefine lightning.
Pulling open the top drawer of my dresser, the rose petal potpourri scent swept me to our summer home in Ireland. As my fingers prodded for the right T-shirt, a flash of lightning illuminated my bedroom. The neon S on my Super Girl tee gleamed, and I snagged it. The weatherman forecasted clear skies. February was always unpredictable in Florida. There were already reasons to doubt my beach alibi—for one thing, everyone knew I hated sunburns.
All my scheming had a chance if Mom and Dad forgot the Young Scientist Apprentice Competition started today. Still, without their blessings, a huge part of me felt insecure.
Several weeks ago, I had tried convincing Dad to sign the entry forms. Again. My best friend coached me all day in the arts of persuasion. Don’t ask for his signature, demand it, Briden insisted. Make him think he needs to do this for you. Guilt is a powerful motivator.
I’d tried everything before so aggression was my last approach. I marched into the lab and slapped the forms on the table.
Dad raised his head from the microscope, yawned and stretched his back. “Hi, Mia.”

“Dad, the world isn’t full of bad guys. That junk on the Conspiracy channel is clouding your brain. Sign this.” I stared him straight in the eyes, but it was me who looked away first.

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