Query Kombat 2016 Round 2 Matchups

The agent/editor round was a HUGE success this year. A total of 147 requests were made, with two entries tied for the most requests at 11 each.
Below you will find Round 2 match-ups. Since TWO entries received an offer of representation before and during the agent round, we have 30 entries going into the second round instead of 32. 
Round two will be hosted on my blog and Michelle’s blog. Orange match-ups will be posted on Michelle’s blog, and I’ll post purple match-ups. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a comment or tweet us: @ravenousrushing @michelle4laughs @lh_writes.
Round 2 Match-ups
Ivy League Sex Scandal v. Madam Butterfly
Samba and Surrender v. What’s Luck Got to Do With It?
Croissants Kill! v. The Ghost and Ms. Clair
Human Kind is Basically Screwed v. Like Atlantis, Only Totally Creepy
Cuddles and Coups v. Irish in America
And I Feel Fine
Meet Me at Lake Nevaeh v. These Little Earthquakes
To Be a Man v. Escape the Fate

Southern Gothic Secrets v. Ticket to Ride
Cypotopolis v. Cement Gargling 101
My Boyfriend Rigged the Lottery v. Hot Sauce is Bad for Wound Care
Ice Cream Rebel Rousers v. The Order of Black

Mustache Head v. Jello Poems

Partners-in-Magic v. Humanimal

Play Chess, Not Checkers v. One-Handed Wonder
Good Luck Kombatants!
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