7. PitchSlam: AS SEEN ON EVIE

Title: As Seen on Evie
Genre: YA Contemporary
Word Count: 81,000
Hogwarts House: Brave and chivalrous? He wishes. Put Justin with the ambitious and cunning Slytherins, except winning the girl (sorry, Snape!).

Kicked off the reality show chronicling Evie’s life for threatening to clue her in, teen actor Justin vows to win her love and forgiveness. Except … Evie believes he’s her brother. And dead. Bygones. Hopefully.
First 250:

The guys on set would rate me a five-star fool for staying in to watch reality TV instead of jumping all over Abby Desher’s offer to hang tonight. But I’d choose Evie over my admittedly hot co-star any day.
Even if I could only see her now in pixilated form on my flat screen.
After locking my bedroom door, I wasted seven seconds bypassing the TV’s parental controls. “Nice try, Mom.”
Evie’s face filled the screen, the dimples I’d so often teased out of her noticeably absent. Her dark hair was twisted up in a messy bun, like the day we met. If only I’d been straight with her then instead of following the role the producers had planned for Justin Fisher.
The camera panned out, and I mentally translated the scene into a script. Close enough to the truth for everyone but Evie.
Year 17, Day 96, Hour 21
[Lifeguard camera 2.]
Evie stands at the edge of the water with Brant (her boyfriend) and Cecily (her best friend). Waves lap toward their feet as the sun sets in the distance.
Come on, Evie, it’ll be fun!
Evie crosses her arms over her chest and shakes her head like a stubborn two-year-old, causing the sun to catch on the diamond at the center of the heart necklace she only removes to sleep or shower.
Absolutely not.

Cecily casts a pointed stare at Brant, who turns his million-dollar grin on Evie.
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