Being Awesome, Week 14

I can’t believe I’ve been doing these weekly posts for 3.5 months. Not only do I overall feel more positive about life in general, but I’ve saved a LOT of brain power that would’ve been spent trying to figure out what on earth to blog about instead. Here’s a look at the past week.

  1. We finally agreed on patio furniture!! It’s backordered (of course), but in a few weeks it’s going to be very comfortable to sit outside.
  2. I got to see Avengers: Age of Ultron! Woo-hoo! What I’m looking for from these movies is basically cool special effects and awesome fight scenes, and I got a lot of that. 
  3. Brunch with friends. Yay brunch! Found a new place near my house that’s pretty good and very cheap.
  4. My second draft of my work in progress is finished and being read by the first round of critique partners. 
  5. My husband figured out how to cook the perfect steak. 
  6. I learned how to make baked s’mores in the oven (it’s about as easy as it sounds).
  7. An afternoon playing games with friends. 
So, yeah… half of these awesome moments are about food. But you know what? I’m supposed to be taking it easy and relaxing and enjoying life, and food is yummy, so I’m OK with it.
What about you? What awesome things did you do last week?
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