Choosing Contest Entries: A Host’s Perspective

As those chosen for Nightmare on Query Street are working hard on their revisions, I wanted to give some insight to the types of things I’m thinking when I read through contest entries. Keep in mind that I am NOT an agent. An agent’s ability to ask to read something is limited only by their […]

Meet Laura’s Legions!

It was a tough decision. There may have been some tears, some begging, some desperate pleas for second reads from the amazing Kara Reynolds. But at the end of the day, we whittled the original 200+ entries down to one amazing team that I can’t wait to share with you. If you were chosen, you […]


The submission window opens today at 4:00 pm EST! The submission window opens at 4:00 pm (EST) on October 14th. Don’t send too soon or your entry will be deleted. There will be email confirmation. Please don’t resend an entry unless you check with us. Sometimes the confirmation process gets overwhelmed. The window will close when we […]

Meet the Nightmare on Query Street Agents!

We have 25 agents and counting joining us this year. Some are new. Some are established. All are looking to make requests. To everyone entering this year, best of luck! The Slush Pile is going to be SUPER competitive. If you need a refresher on the submission guidelines, click here. Agents of Nightmare on Query […]

Meet the (Not Scary at all) Nightmare on Query Street Mentors!

I know you’ll want to get to know the mentors who will be helping the finalists perfect their query letter and first 250 words. But first a few dates for Nightmare on Query Street: Submission Window Opens: October 14th 4:00 pm EST Final Picks are Announced: October 20th undecided time Mentors Go to Work: October 21th – 26th […]

Nightmare on Query Street Free Pass!

This year, I’m offering each of you a chance to bypass the slush and go straight into the contest where you will receive mentor feedback and be featured in the agent round. You’ll still have to wow the agents, though, so make sure your first page and query (and the entire manuscript) are as polished […]

Nightmare on Query Street is Back!!

We’re back with 25 agents and even more mentors! It’s Nightmare Time! Don’t have a scary manuscript, DON’T WORRY. Just read on. A brand new year, a brand new evil. This contest, as it runs in the Halloween time, is all about FEAR. The Details: The submission window opens at 4:00 pm (EST) on October 14th. […]

A New Nightmare

One…Two…We are coming for you. Three…Four…There will be a slush war. Five…Six…Get your query fixed. Seven…Eight…Make your first page great. Nine…Ten…Yes, we’re at it again. Nightmare on Query Street The agents are ready…. are you? Face your Fear October 14, 2016

NoQS SUCCESS: Karen McManus: How I Got My Agent

As a long-time contest junkie, one of my favorite parts is hearing the success stories (after all, contests are fun, but at the end of the day, that’s why we do this). I’m thrilled to be able to share with you this success story from last year’s Nightmare on Query Street contest. Karen McManus: How […]