Retail to Riches Series

A Royal Farce

With Lila’s big box store wages, it’ll take about fifty years to finish fixing up this money pit she’s stuck with. Then her friend Pierre proposes the perfect solution: he needs a green card. If Lila marries him, he’ll pay to finish the job. Win-win, right?

One problem: who is going to believe the gorgeous, brilliant investment banker fell for little Lila? Everyone, if they have any say in it. Not even their closest friends or family can suspect the truth. Lila fakes the walk of shame, feigns total surprise at Pierre's staged public proposal, and plans their wedding with a single-minded determination rivaled only by a Yorkie begging for treats.

Their staged relationship is so perfect, Lila starts to believe it’s real. Then Pierre’s brother drops a bombshell: they are royalty, princes to a tiny island nation, and Lila isn’t princess material. Now, instead of studs and sandpaper, Lila finds herself worrying about titles and tiaras. Will Lila get her happily ever after, or will her prince decide she's not so charming after all?


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A Royal Pain

Being a Princess is for the birds…

As if meeting your mother-in-law isn’t terrifying enough, Lila’s happens to be Queen of Corchenne. Her Royal Highness is less than thrilled that her favorite son Pierre married a commoner and is renouncing his title. Winning her over is a tall order, but Lila’s up for the challenge—until her scheming, no-good brother arrives in town. And he brought a flock of emus into the throne room.

Caleb’s never met a rich person he doesn’t want to dupe, and unlike his sister, he makes a great first impression. Suddenly, instead of worrying about embarrassing Pierre or accidentally declaring war on Spain, Lila has to stop the royal family from falling under her brother’s spell. Pierre claims to love Lila despite her relatives, but if she can’t fix her brother’s mess, it could destroy the royal family—not to mention the economy of Corchenne. Can their marriage survive the monarchy’s disapproval and the weight of royal obligations?


Coming August 2022

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