In addition to writing, I work as a copywriter, editor, and proofreader. I interned for a literary agent, serve as a PitchWars mentor, and host PitchSlam, QueryKombat, and Nightmare on Query Street. I can help get your manuscript ready, whether it’s for querying agents, submitting to small presses, or self-publishing.

  • First chapter (up to 20 pages)* + query: $35 (includes review of revised query). If your first chapter is more than 20 double-spaced pages in Times New Roman, size 12 font, please email with a word count for pricing.

  • First chapter only: $25

  • Query Letter: $20 for two passes, $15 for one read.*

  • Query or Pitch + First page (contest entry critiques): $20

  • Twitter pitches: $5 with any other critique

  • Short Synopsis Critique (Up to 500 words): $20

  • Long Synopsis Critique (500+ words): $30. If your synopsis is more than 1,500 words, there may be an additional charge. Contact me for details.

  • Edit letter only for first chapter or synopsis critique (no line edits) are half off the above prices. These should have a 24-hour turnaround during the week.

Critiques include proofreading, pointing out confusing or unclear passages, suggesting changes, and looking for POV, voice, or big picture issues.

* I am currently only offering query critiques in combination with another service.*

Note: I am happy to give do first page/contest entry, pitch or query critiques, synopsis reviews, and proof-reading for all genres and age groups. For full-length manuscripts, my primary strength lies in editing women’s fiction, adult commercial fiction, YA contemporary, and adult or YA romance.

For full manuscripts, I offer the following services:

  • Proofreading: $0.01/word

  • Line Edit (includes proofreading): $0.02/word

  • Developmental edit: $0.03/word

  • Reader report: $350 for up to 75,000 words; $450 for 75,000 – 100,000 words.

If you request proofreading only, I’ll fix obvious mistakes or errors, but won’t comment on voice, POV, theme, plot holes, etc. A developmental edit focuses on big picture issues: plotting, story structure, character development, etc. This option also includes line editing and reaction comments.

For reader reports, I’ll give you a letter that reviews what does and does not work for me in the manuscript, plus any recurring types of mistakes (like filtering or filler words), but no line edits or reaction comments. This is the type of letter an intern gives an agent when reviewing a manuscript. My strengths lie in women’s fiction, MG/YA contemporary/thrillers, and adult romance.

Turn around time is currently about 48-72 hours for first chapter/query edits (not including weekends) and 1-2 weeks for full manuscripts, depending on length. Payment in installments available for full manuscript edits.

Edits are first come/first served, based on when I receive payment through Paypal and the text in Pages or Word format. I’ll send an email confirming receipt of your order before I start work. If you don’t get that within a couple of days, please re-send email or contact me on Twitter.


I have had Laura on my list of possible editors for a while now. But I was waiting for the right time to contact her and see if she would be a good fit for myself and my upcoming fiction work. The time finally come. My mission; to write two synopsis’s as per requested by an agent. After totally freaking out, I contacted Laura. She calmed me down and told me to just send her what I had. With nerves of jello I did.

By some miracle of the gods and goddesses, Laura was able to whip my bumbling effort into a very tight and professional looking synopsis in only a couple of emails. It was brilliant.

If you have yet to write your synopsis for you book don’t hesitate to get in contact with Laura. She makes the whole brain exploding process almost joyful. Her level of expertise is outstanding and she is so darn nice. It was such a pleasure to have her on my team. I can not recommend Laura enough. I look forward to working with her again in the very near future.

Leeza R.

Laura’s many talents involve both advising on big picture edits related to character and plot, as well as zeroing in on problem areas for writers related to language, style and voice. She went after removing words such as “feel” and “just” in my manuscript like a lion stalking an impala. (We also worked on similes). Laura is direct with constructive criticism, but never in a way that would make a writer want to curl up and weep. Her services are exemplary.

Elizabeth N.

 I have worked with several editors over three manuscripts.  Laura is, hands down, the most insightful, reasonable, and helpful editor I have had the pleasure to work with to date.  Her turnaround time is fast, she is happy to answer any questions, and her commentary is spot-on.  Somehow, Laura was able to hone right in on my manuscript’s issues and offer fabulous revision ideas.  Trust me, hiring Laura is worth every penny!

Sarah Aghanjania

Laura has worked with me on two of my manuscripts. Her line edits and developmental edits have improved my work a great deal and sparked new ideas, made me see my protagonist from other angles. She is very accurate and has a great turn-around time. Her work is professional and thorough. Highly recommend.

Ritu S.

Took @LH_Writes up on her offer of 1st chap. critique. She gave me some great feedback as I contemplated changes. High recommend!

Neicole C.

Informative critique from @LH_Writes – highly recommend. Lovely to deal with -very professional. Speedy and accurate. Total value for money.

Gina W.