Poll Dancer


A delightfully modern twist on My Fair Lady: When a promotional video for her pole-dancing classes goes viral, Mel comes under fire from a local politician running for senate. Desperate to save her studio, Mel decides her only option is to launch her own campaign — and win!



When politics meets pole fitness, Mel’s life flips upside-down.

After Mel’s disastrous promotional video goes viral,  a “family values” group launches a protest against her dance studio. Their leader isn’t just trying to stop her from teaching—he’s using Mel as a moral scapegoat for his own senate campaign. If he wins the upcoming election, he threatens to change the laws to keep all pole dancing out of their community.

Mel’s no politician, but she’s not not going down without a fight. Since running for office beats unemployment, she decides to face off against him. She hires campaign manager Daniel and tosses her hat in the ring. There’s just one problem: voters don’t understand pole. Mel needs to change her image, fast. If she can’t get the people on her side, she won’t have a business to save. She hires a campaign manager to get the community on her side. Daniel is smart, witty, and passionate about changing the world. As he rebrands Mel’s image, he captures her heart. But does he like Mel the dancer or Melody the candidate? Can Mel win the election and still protect her heart?

Poll Dancer is a fun, witty update on My Fair Lady, perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella.

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