Nightmare on Query Street Agent Round 2016

Time for the shivers, shrieks and screams to begin!

Following this post, you’ll find the 15 members of Laura’s Legions. Agents, you can head over to Michelle’s and Mike’s blogs as well to make more requests. Blogger is refusing to post all the entries on one page. Please page ahead or use the links in the sidebar to read all the entries.

Only agents are allowed to comment. IMPORTANT NOTE: Opera and Safari Browsers may NOT allow you to comment. Using another browser is HIGHLY recommended. If you have any trouble commenting or if you want to confirm your entries, please feel send me a DM on Twitter or email me at Laura (at) pitchslamcontest (dot) com.

Writers, cheer over on twitter. We’re going to be under the hashtag #NoQS, shouting out agent appearances. So vent, be nervous, cheer each other on, and hold hands over Twitter.

For the next four days, agents will have fun ways to request in the contest:
They can SCREAM for a full request.
They can SHRIEK for a 50 page request.
They can SHIVER for a 10 page request.

Thank you to the amazing mentors who all did such a wonderful job helping polish the final entries.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Hope you all get a ton of frighteningly amazing requests! 
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